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Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Posted in Uncategorized by nickchristian on November 30, 2008 the latest online incarnation of my self-indulgent self. I’ve been looking for an externally imposing outlet for my expressive genius* for some time now but, in the absence of such a vehicle, have found myself returning, as I inevitably would, to the freeform of the blog. Immediate responsibility for the “why here” and “why now” must be ascribed to Andrew Sullivan’s piece in the current issue of Atlantic as well as to my good friend Beth, who is as delightful in person as she is in writing.

I have resisted the route of self-publishing for a while now; partly out of a recognition of my own inability to produce words with any disciplined regularity and partly out of a belief that the blog form is so very different to the journalistic one.

So what’s changed? Firstly I find myself in a more disciplined “place in my life right now”. At least, I think I do. Right now I’m working in a job that I want to keep; I’m sure that helps. Another factor is that I have found myself jotting down my thoughts as well as article ideas and fragments in numerous notebooks for a while now, so why not type them up as well? Lastly I have come to the conclusion that the blog-form and the journalistic need not exist entirely exclusively of one another. I intend to publish here not just my inane mental meanderings and links to online oddities, but also to any pieces of work that might one day become fully gestated articles.

If all goes to plan I will update at least once a day and hopefully more frequently. Time will tell I suppose.

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