All My Little Words


Posted in Uncategorized by nickchristian on December 2, 2008

It’s about this time of year that boring men begin to compile lists of their top things or bottom things, or things gone most unnoticed of the previous eleven months. Really boring men begin the process of chronicling as far back as January so as to ensure complete accuracy at year’s end: “That was a great wank, but will I remember it well enough to include it in my top 50 in six month’s time? Maybe I should enter the various metrics into Excel?” For example.

Unfortunately my brain’s capacity to create and recall memories has been somewhat dulled in recent years and as such I struggle to remember the name’s of close friends without some kind of prompt; much less those of all the films I’ve seen, records I’ve heard and girls I’ve slept with since January 1st.

Well, maybe the latter. If I really try.

While I may lack the mental faculties to be either of the two men described above – and it really is only men that do this – I do not lack the compulsion to be one. Therefore over the next couple I weeks I will be trawling the internet, itunes and back issues of Rolling Stone so as to provide a comprehensive and ordered evaluation of the year.

I’m betting on a clean sweep for Wall-E.

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