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Man on Wire

Posted in Uncategorized by nickchristian on January 14, 2009

Really lovely documentary. Find it slightly strange that someone could think of it as a heist movie when, to me at least, it’s more about passions and dreams and living the impossible.

A heist movie is all about the ‘how’ while Man on Wire is all about the ‘him’. The process, the preparation and the problems, although detailed in the film, is of  much less interest than the protagonist. Petit is a fascinating character; utterly self-absorbed and solipsistic, I’m not sure he even acknowledges the enormous contribution of his friends to his walk between the towers, nor the sacrifice they make to enable him to achieve it.

In one of the opening shots we find ourselves witness to the birth of the twin towers as the earth-movers begin to tackle the site. Eerily evocative of the scene almost thirty years later when the heavy machinery once again moved in to excavate the ground following the collapse of the towers. 9/11, alough unmentioned, looms heavily  but respectfully over this film.

Urge you all to borrow it from me.

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Just Get It Done

Posted in Uncategorized by nickchristian on January 14, 2009

An alarmist headline in the L0ndon Pap3r, glimpsed over someone shoulder on the bus, successfully alarmed me yesterday. In a mere seven words those pornographers and cockfight promoters calling themselves journalists managed to imply that Obama was going back on his pledge to close Guantanamo Bay. Turns out the actual, far less tabloid-friendly story is that the new president intends to issue an executive order on his first day in office to begin the process of decommissioning the prison. That being the case however, he still seems to be hedging, and that leaves a rather unpleasant taste in the mouth.

This from the NYT article:

“It is more difficult than I think a lot of people realize.” Closing it within the first 100 days of his administration, he said, would be “a challenge.”

I don’t really understand this statement. Simply relocating the current detainees to a military prison or similar facility on a base on US soil can not be that much of a challenge and would immediately demonstrate Obama’s sincerity and commitment to “change”. I appreciate that the subsequent sorting of the 250 or so detainees into those that will be released and those that will be charged will take some time but this process should take place as far from the “legal black hole” as possible. Normal legal order must be restored: The Bush administration’s reflexive line that the detainees are “the worst of a very bad lot. They are very dangerous. They are devoted to killing millions of Americans, innocent Americans, if they can, and they are perfectly prepared to die in the effort.'” should be dismissed with extreme prejudice and no presumption should be made as to their guilt or likely dangerous nature.

Guantanamo has been, and continues to be, not merely ‘a stain on the US military’ but on the entire American people.

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