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Restaurant Review: Upstairs, 89b Acre Lane

Posted in Food by nickchristian on April 30, 2015

This piece was originally intended for a magazine that never ended up making it to the printers. It would have been published elsewhere but for the restaurant folding before that could happen. All very unfortunate, this is therefore the first time it’s seen the light of day.

Great game.

Great game.

If someone must dump you over dinner, there are worse restaurants in which they might do the deed than Upstairs, located above Opus Café on Acre Lane.

I was once, for example, rather brutally despatched in the Putney branch of Byron Burger. After announcing the end of the relationship before I’d chosen between courgette fries and coleslawthe girl in question proceeded to detail the myriad examples of my immaturity while I slurped an Oreo cookie milkshake through a straw. An attempted rebuttal, at that point, felt like the definition of futility.


Panna Cotta Pleasure

Posted in Food, Pudding by nickchristian on September 12, 2011

A foodie double today.

It doesn’t look like much but the wobbly blob below is my proud first attempt at a panna cotta. Although the concoction calls for loose leaf gelatin, it’s nowhere near as complex or intimidating as you might imagine.

For the basic PC, simply soak three leaves of gelatin in cold water to soften, then dissolve along with 25g of sugar into a 500ml mixture of equal parts cream and milk heated to a simmer. Add any flavouring you like (vanilla is pretty standard but I reckon you can use your imagination, and I intend to use mine) and pour into moulds – ramekins are recommended but again I think you can use anything that will fit in the fridge – and leave to set.

An hour an a half later, just flop them onto a plate and serve. This recipe takes a bit of time but I can’t overstate how simple and, if you’re a dairy fiend, sumptuously creamy it is as well.

In the search for something to do with the leftover breadcrumbs from breakfast (see the earlier post) I came across this recipe for black pepper panna cotta which I’m excited about having a bash at.

I Win at Breakfast

Posted in Food by nickchristian on September 12, 2011

french toast

French Toast with Blackberries, Strawberries, Maple Syrup* and BACON. Could maybe have done with some crème fraiche for balance and blackberries were perhaps ill advised but other that I’d call it a gastronomical grand slam. NB. Cutting the bread into bite-size circles is great for consistency but does result in a lot of wasted trimmings; I would suggest to pre-empt this with a decent breadcrumb-based recipe.

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