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Self-Indulgent Ten for 11 – My Albums of the Year

Posted in Music by nickchristian on December 11, 2011

Obviously any list like this is only ever a reflection of the amount of new music one has listened to. These are only the ten records I’ve enjoyed the most of the maybe fifty or so I’ve heard at least once this year; as such there are still many more that I didn’t get round to that I’m sure I would have loved (Zomby for example).  It’s hard to be sure you’ve listened to anything enough before moving onto something else, especially when temptation is but a Spotify search away, but I’ve done my best.

In no particular order (apart from the first one):

Front and centre because she’s my friend but on the list because Erika has made a quite brilliant record. Thunderously  visceral as no other album I’ve heard this year has been, I’m certain PLMS will find itself atop far more prestigious lists than mine.
Big, bold, and brassy I remember first listening to this during the riots. Gets me in the mood for (following) a bit of looting (on Twitter).
No-one walks the line between the sincere and the saccharine with more deftness than Fyfe. For many he has never, and maybe could not, come close to the symphony of Made Up Love Song; maybe I agree, maybe I don’t, but when almost as good sounds like this, does it really matter? “Take my hand and make me feel amazing.” That’s all we want, right?
Just the right side of too epic I think, this album stops you in your tracks with a symphonic clash of doom and divine. It’s no coincidence that Zola features on the M83 album as well.
The album I’ve listened to the most in 2011. I think the girls rather beat the boys this year.
Snuck into my life on a Monday morning that needed perking up. Did the trick and keeps doing it.
Albums with this much depth don’t come round very often. Hard work but more than worth persisting with.
The most joyfully melancholic record of the year.
Unapologetically resurrecting the slacker-gen indie of the mid-90s, Yuck sound like everything I loved back then but better.
Another great debut, lest we dare imagine that music can’t surprise us anymore.
Notable Others
Below Expectations
  • Cut Copy – Zonoscope
  • Friendly Fires – Pala
  • TV On The Radio – Nine Types of Light
Close but no cigar:
Iron and Wine
Gruff Rhys
PJ Harvey
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